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Zeilbaumweg 32
74613 Öhringen

Representative managing directors: Gerhard Schäfer, Helmut Peters

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Phone:            +49 (0) 7941 6094 – 0
Fax:                +49 (0) 7941 6094 – 700
E-mail:            info[at]schaefer-peters.com

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Registration court:     District Court of Stuttgart
Register number:       HRB 580350

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Zeilbaumweg 32, 74613 Öhringen, Germany
Phone:            +49 (0) 7941 6094 – 140
E-mail:            datenschutz[at]schaefer-peters.com

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Helmut Peters, Zeilbaumweg 32, 74613 Öhringen, Germany

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