State-of-the-art test equipment At S+P we use state-of-the-art test equipment to ensure the very best quality levels.

Our DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system guarantees our implementation of the necessary quality objectives. This includes traditional quality assurance as well as the planning and execution of operational procedures throughout the company.

Quality assurance
Many of our products are already checked by a neutral test institute and regularly inspected according to the requirements of external monitoring. For various products this has been confirmed by way of a building-authority approval from the DIBt.

In our quality assurance, using a multitude of measurement and test devices we can perform tests of, for example, dimensional uniformity, torques, screw-in times, strength and even material analyses in our own test laboratory.

DIN EN ISO 9001-2008

Here is our certificate to download as a PDF file.


Our test equipment
Hitec-Measuring microscope

This test device allows distances, angles, areas, circles, radiuses and diameters to be measured with great accuracy. The measurements can be documented in a digital format at any time.

Schatz torque testing device

The Schatz torque analysis device allows ultimate torques, screw-in torques or even rotary angles to be

Urban Screw unit

This screw unit can be used to measure screw-in times under the influence of different weights. Perfect
fastener analyses are possible when combined with the Schatz transmitter.

X–ray analysis device

The optimum way of analysing the material components of the stainless steel fasteners and establishing
their composition, regardless of whether they contain chrome, nickel or molybdenum.

Nexus premium hardness testing device

This hardness testing device can be used for high-precision hardness testing according to Vickers (and Knopp / Brinell). Its measurement range is 0.2 to 30 kp.

Dark chamber

It can be used to provide optical evidence of the smooth coating applied on the fastening elements.

Concentricity test device

This test device can be used to determine screw straightness, the concentricity of the head to the screw axis, the concentricity of the drive to the head diameter and/or to the screw axis up to a screw length of 500 mm.

Permeability test device

This test device can be used to test permeability. The gauge for the material permeability in a magnet is the permeability value for this material in relation to a vacuum. The material magnetism.