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Bi-metal self drilling screws cladding screws 2019
Hooks & eyes 2017
Timber construction 2019
Rivets 2018
Security 2019
Solarfixings 2019
Assortment 2020
Our approvals 2014
Safety washers 2015
Spengler screws DE-EN 2017
Spengler screws colored DE-EN 2017
Truss head wood screws DE-EN 2020

Product information

ART 9241 double raised countersunk head timber screws
ART 9242 double raised countersunk head timber screws with rips and cutting point
ART 9243 TBS-DRILL, cyl. head terrace screws
ART 9244 CSK head timber screws with drilling-point
ART 9245 TBS-Drill, cyl. head terrace screws, cutting-point
ART 9246 SP-Drill, csk head timber screws with drill bit and stripping ribs
ART 9032 Universal brackets for metal sheet roofs
ART 9043 T-Drill terrace screws
ART 9260 Drive-in nuts / T-nuts
ART 9510 Bi-metal countersunk wing drilling screws
Art 9925 + 9926 Round wire snap rings
DIN 931 Hexagon head bolts A4-80
DIN 933 Hexagon head screws A2-80
DIN 933 Hexagon head screws A4-80
DIN 7504 Self drilling screws
DIN 7976 + ART 9504 Tapping- and self drilling screws with silver slide coating
ISO 15480 Self drilling screws hexagon flange head, type K, 1.4006



Technical information

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